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  Mission and Vision    

About Yumtha


Buddhist ImageYumtha Mission Statement:
To create a model of living and dying based on compassionate and contemplative practices, within a supportive residential setting which is part of a greater multi-cultural community.

Inspired by the wisdom of the Dalai Lama,
“ To die well, is to have lived well, is to have an auspicious rebirth.”

This wisdom expresses the essence of the teachings and practices, which we nurture at Yumtha. We aspire to live within wisdom and compassion while offering a place, which nurtures the heart, mind and body, as well as our spiritual nature.

Our Vision:
A comfortable elder home creating a community where many of us would want to live and grow. Yumtha will support the daily life practices from the Theravada, Zen, Tibetan and Contemplative Traditions for daily living and final passages. We at Yumtha have been inspired by these traditions, as they serve as practical guides to living and dying.

One unfamiliar with these traditions can be guided by their hearts deep connection in helping another, in a way that profoundly touches the soul of the one who is facing death and dying which is very beneficial, compassionate and touches deeply the souls journey. It is this very element of ones heart connection that can become nurtured as they take in the wisdom from multi-cultural practices that come for longstanding spiritual disciplines.




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