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  Residential Care      

Yumtha will be a home where elders come to live:

  • To deepen their spiritual practices that are important to live fully.
  • We support one’s spiritual practices in life. We care for one in the death and dying process, within a compassionate atmosphere, which respects the importance of the transition between life and death.
  • We have come together to create a home where elders come to live, to deepen their spiritual practices that are important to live fully, and to die in an atmosphere, which supports their spiritual disciplines.

Joan Halifax Ph.D., a Zen Roshi states:

"View in Buddhism refers to understanding the nature of reality. It is a perspective on reality that includes some of the following elements: the impermanent nature of the phenomenal world; the existence of cause and effect; the interdependence of phenomena and the absence of a separate self identity; and the possibility of freedom from suffering. Although "view" can be conceptually communicated, it is rooted in understanding that is realized through personal experience. "

From: Contemplative Approaches to Working with Dying People for the Death in America Project, January, 1995, Joan Halifax

We are developing a Buddhist Residential Care Center and Hospice which supports Spiritual practices of conscious living and dying.

These practices can assist us in many stages of our lives to find meaning in life.

Yumtha will offer a rare and precious opportunity to live in a Residential Care setting, where one can study, reflect and practice daily meditations, in a sangha ( spiritual community) that nurtures and supports one's continued spiritual practice.

We respect multi-cultural spiritual traditions, and give special attention to the Theravada, Zen and Tibetan Buddhist teachings on living and dying.

The greatest opportunity we may have in life to deepen our spiritual practice may be in the sunset of our lives. It is a time when we can draw on the wisdom of our past: a time to reflect, and reconnect with the passion of our practice, in a sangha which can support and add motivation to realize the gifts of this special time of our lives.

Yumtha is a home being developed where elders will come to live fully.


  • Elders come to live and continue to grow with a sense of autonomy, dignity, privacy, and choice in a beautiful home-like setting
  • Spiritual practices of living fully, and “end of life” spiritual practices are supported.
  • There is a culture of ongoing education.
  • Interactive involvement within the home and outer community is fostered.

Our programs cultivate awareness through intellectual, artistic, and meditative practices, and by being in nature. These programs are for residents, as well as for all those who want to grow and learn to live fully.

We host programs and on-going classes, bringing teachers from different traditions together to nurture the heart of awareness.

  • We offer trainings for Compassionate Companions-- practical and contemplative methods to serve the dying. These trainings will assist professionals and ‘home care givers’ to reach out to support the variety of needs of the community in which we live.
  • We provide education for the public as well as the residents, which foster openness, dialogue, and enhance resourcefulness in daily mindful living.
  • We collaborate with organizations and services in our community in order to cultivate an open, mutually beneficial on-going relationship.
  • Care Givers Healing Respite: Healing for Healers: Day retreats of active tranquility and meditative repose.               2 and 3 Day Healing Respites to restore your inner rhythm within a personalize retreat.


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