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  Meditation Retreats      

Residential Care

Developing Inner Healing & Mindfulness Practices while Traveling in the World

Restorative retreats for women; with their partners; with their families;for those who have had breast cancer and other serious illnesses. Many retreats are held with beautiful walks in nature, others will be held in Hawaii where we can swim with the dolphins, snorkel in a tropical paradise, meditate and use mindfulness practices to restore a sense of inner peace, and happiness. Restorative, supportive and nurturing retreats are planned for the Mainland, and other places in the world to facilitate inner healing and our inter-connectiveness. Activities vary with each location: meditating, yoga, walking, hiking, swimming, diving, and simply being fully Present in our inner and outer world.


Care Givers~ Healing Respite Retreats & Guest Room~

Healing for Healers: Day retreats of active tranquility and meditative repose. 1, 2 and 3 Day Healing Respites to restore your inner rhythm within a personalize retreat.

We now have a room rental for women available for personal retreats, at our Sebastopol California location. A respite retreat can be a way to restore and mend health by nurturing the moment of reflection.



For a personal consultation or to learn if a

 “Yumtha Respite Retreat” is beneficial for you

Please e-mail Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD at   yumtha@msn.com 

Caring for caregivers:

One of the first steps toward healing may be in opening the dialogue about what it is to be a caregiver. Along with giving yourself the time to be in a peaceful and healing environment while gaining a deeper understanding, and learning about different views about death and dying, and how our life has it’s reflections in the process dying, can deepen our understanding, and create reflections.

Where does one find support to live more fully when facing a life-threatening or chronic illness of a partner, family or friend, and the loss of loved ones, who have died after a short or long illness? Or, when facing these situations oneself, taking the time to reflect and gather ones thoughts, in a supportive environment where, you can walk, reflect, meditate, and be supported physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We offer, Holistic Chiropractic, Acupuncture, bodywork, meditations and mindfulness meditations and walks, to reawaken the harmony of your soul as you walk through your daily life.

Is there a new path calling you? What is the next step? Sometimes, shifting our environment, changing our daily rhythm, and realigning our internal patterns set in motion restoration on deep levels within us. When we release fatigue and stress we can create a sense of spaciousness where insights and awareness can open a way for healing to take place.

Care Givers Retreats:  A Spiritual Hawaiian Holiday:


Healing for the healers: Healing for those who have faced serious illness

Swimming with dolphins is healing and inspiring.

Meditations on the elements invokes healing and mindfulness.

~Come with us~Expereince the elments of Healing~

Ether: Fragrance of Hawaii: healing chants and songs of Aloha

Air: Feel the tropical breeze gently touch your skin

Fire; Experience the warmth of the Aloha Sun

Water; Merge with the Sea and swim in Kealakekua Bay

Earth; the aina; the land.. Let your feet Touch and walk the ground of the healing ancestors of old Hawaii.

Care Givers Healing Respite Retreats in Northern California or Hawaii are under the direction of Dr Anna “Noe” Bonas, she brings teachers and healers together who embrace the heart of healing and awareness.

For personal consultations or information for you, your family or friends, to find out more about “Yumtha Respite Retreats”  Please e-mail Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD at   yumtha@msn.com 



Care for the caregiver tips

Here are ways you can care for yourself while caring for others.

  • Schedule regular afternoons or evenings out.

  • If you can't leave and friends can't come over, take time each day for a phone conversation with a friend or family member. Even a brief chat can lift your spirits.

  • Eat nutritious meals. Don't give in to stress-driven urges for sweets or drink too much alcohol.

  • Get enough sleep. If you are kept up at night, try a nap during the day to make up some sleep.

  • Exercise regularly, even if it means finding someone else to provide care while you walk or go to exercise class.

  • Make a list of jobs you need help with and seek out someone to assist you. This could include household chores, home repair or maintenance, driving, paying bills, or finding information on services you need.

  • If possible, arrange for adult day care for your loved one. This will you give you time for errands and personal time as well as provide health monitoring, transportation, nursing care and therapeutic recreation for your care recipient.

  • Join a support group. You don't even have to leave the house for meetings. For homebound caregivers, Internet-based support groups are a blessing.

  • Draw strength from your faith. Even home visits from a member of your church or synagogue are a way to keep you in touch.

  • Take time to pamper yourself. Take a warm bath, light candles…find a time to relax each day.

  • Plan a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation.

  • Hire a temporary caregiver from a respite care program.



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