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  Board of Directors    

About Yumtha


Anna BonasAnna “Noe” Bonas DC LAC OMD
Sebastopol, California, and Hawaii

For over 35 years Dr. Anna "Noe" Bonas has enjoyed a thriving healing practice. Most of this time she has practiced in Sonoma County, California combining many forms of Mind-Body healing, along with Acupuncture and holistic Chiropractic and was initiated into the sacred ways of healing from several indigenous cultures. She has taught classes in healing and mindfulness in California, Hawaii and Spain.

Dr Anna, "Noe" as some call her, has Doctorates in Acupuncture and Chiropractic, and holds National status in both fields. Dr. Bonas also has degrees in Psychology and human anatomy.

She has done prayer healing since she was a child, and began Eastern meditation practice in 1969. Throughout her professional career she has been a student and practitioner of Eastern spiritual traditions. She melds this richly diverse background together to provide a unique atmosphere in which her patients realize a more complete sense of wellness. Currently, Dr Bonas is the director of Yumtha, maintains a private practice, is involved in  www.devotionalhealing.com , and is the president and creative developer of the Gallery 4 Generosity Arts Project, that will provide art and gift products to support Yumtha.  All of the profits from G4G will sustain Yumtha and other projects that benefit others.

Dr Anna, is also the visionary of  "Metta Care", and

Metta Care Associates, which is an association of alternative professionals, DC, LAC, MD, RN, LVN, psychotherapists, massage and movement practitioners; Qigong to yoga, herbalists, nutritionists and homeopaths, along with lay individuals interested in responding to the needs of those ill, aging and dying with compassion, contemplation and care who are interested in creating affordable health care.

As a person of vision and experience, Dr Bonas recognizes this is the time to establish a compassionate care center for conscious living and dying in Sonoma County. Yumtha's vision became clear to Dr Anna when she was working with many individuals in the 1980's who had AIDS and cancer, and who were unprepared emotionally and spiritually to die. With a deep sense of compassion and care the vision of the Yumtha Center was born.


Dr Bonas sees the moment of death as one of the most important moments of our life...as it holds the seeds for the next moment. When we embrace the “soul ecology” in the atmosphere surrounding illness, dying and death, and, beyond, we sow the seeds for the future, cultivated in the roots of our life. 

As a holistic doctor for many years, Dr Bonas has come to view the “Soul Ecology” as she calls it, as the doctoring for the next generation, as the experience of compassionate dying and death plants seeds for a compassionate rebirth. It is a mystical transformative ecology in the path of the soul, which we all can experience.

It has been through the experiences that Dr Bonas has had with the vastness of compassion, and the communications at the moment of death and after… with people known and unknown to her, along with the transformations that occurred in her, and other people with similar experiences… that has nurtured her view, which is,

"Death offers us an opportunity to open to an experience of spiritual unity, a mystical union, with a profound sense of connectiveness and spaciousness with all “that is, and the person who has died ”

How can we prepare for death if we view it as loss?

                                                   Anna"Noe"Bonas DC LAC OMD

Yumtha, means "spiritual healer", one who sees the needs of an individual or community and through inner vision and wisdom implements a cure. Yumtha will be just such a place. Growing out of the emotional and spiritual needs expressed by so many individuals, who desire while still in full health to live in a community which can enrich their lives and support their "end of life" spiritual practices, as well as supporting those who are facing illness and death, the center would provide:

  • a community where daily spiritual practices would be nurtured
  • a profound experience in intimacy of living
  • support for individuals facing illness and death
  • support for family and friends
  • an attitude which promotes mindfulness
  • a place encouraging ease through life's transitions

Maiyumi OdaMayumi Oda

Mayumi Oda was born in Tokyo, Japan, raised in a Buddhist family, and is a graduate of Tokyo University of Art. She has been creating Goddess images for decades and exhibits internationally. She is the founder of Plutonium Free Future in Japan and the U.S. and continues to work for peace and environmental justice worldwide. Mayumi currently lives at Ginger Hill Farm on the island of Hawai’i where she grows food and teaches of the aloha spirit within us all.

Mayumi is a very active Supporter of Yumtha and "Noe"

Dr Anna. Mayumi recognizes the needs of so many who are dying and ill, and knows that it is time for all of us to become actively involved in service, to donate our time and efforts, and open our hearts and to respond to the needs of others.

Mayumi speaks very directly to people, " Donate your time, money and your heart. Get involved, there is no time to waste."

Board of Directors

  • Anna "Noe" Bonas DC LAC OMD, Compassionate Care Chaplain, Sebastopol CA
  • Catherine Sagan LVN, PhD Sebastopol, California
  • Siota Belle PhD Santa Rosa California
  • Barbara Griffin, Compassionate Seeker Pagosa Springs, Colorado
  •                             ~Board Members~
  • Patti Millen, Realtor, Ashland, Oregon
  • Roger James, Building Contractor, Guerneville, California
  • Mayumi Oda, Artist , Peace Activitist, Teacher of Inner gardening, growing food to nourish your body and soul, and teaches yoga and Hula with songs of Aloha
  • We are seeking energetic Board members who are resourcesful and dedicated individuals who would like to be active in supporting the vision of Yumtha


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